Sunday, April 6, 2008

A few months ago I joined the site Now it wasn't until this past fall I really got into reading books. It started with The Notebook, I always heard the book was better than the movie so I wanted to see if it was true which it was =). Anyway once I started my interpreting job at the school I had a lot of down time, like when my student takes tests or has a sub, etc. So I joined that site so I could read reviews of other books. I was updating my gr's page last night and I realized I have read over 20 books! Now to some people that might not seem like that many in a 7 month time span but for someone who never read a book in high school, and used cliff notes in college I am quite proud of this.

I am very excited for Emily Giffin's new book to come out May 13th! I loved her other three books.Oh and 1 month till the best day on earth..aka my birthday
and 5 months till the day I have been most looking forward too, our wedding day!!

And pray for no rain this Friday 4/11..its the day we are getting engagement pics!!

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Cassie Marie said...

i created one - add me as a friend! lol