Thursday, November 25, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 7 my life

All of these posts are all things I am thankful for. When everything is said and done I am truly thankful for everything in my life. I have a warm house over my head, clean water out of the tap, and food on the table everyday. There are many people in this world that do not get those "luxuries" that I have. I value all the friends and family that I have because without them I am not me. On this Thanksgiving I feel blessed. I can only look forward to the other things I will one day be thankful for in my future. I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoys the time with family! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 6 my cats

I thought today I'd blog about something more fun to be thankful for. :) No, I am not a crazy cat lady. Cats are just easier than dogs which is why we got Carson. Then we realized he needed a friend so we got him Nala. I am thankful for my cats and that I can take them in our house. Carson came from my old boss's litter and Nala came from the SPCA. I am thankful I have two loving, and sweet cats.

 Baby Carson 
Baby Nala

Carson all grown up 

Nala all grown up

Monday, November 22, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 5 our home

I am so very thankful for our house. I grew up in a tiny, tiny town and all I wanted to do was move out. So back in 2007 that is what I told A. We looked around at surrounding neighborhoods and couldn't find anything we were in love with. Then one day we passed this house and knew we had to check it out. The second we walked in I got that feeling. This was our home. It wasn't the typical house that this town has. Our house has so much charm. It was built in 1886! 
I am so thankful that we found this house. I am thankful I stayed in the same town I grew up. I am so close to my favorite mall, I can walk anywhere, and can get to any highway within 10 minutes. It really is a great place to be.  I am thankful this is our first place together.  We didn't have to get an apartment*, I was a homeowner when I was 21. It was such a great feeling. 

*nothing wrong with apartment living! It was just nice we didn't have to waste money on rent and that we had great parents who let us live at home to save money!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 4 my education

I am the first one in my immediate family to attend and graduate college. I am very thankful for my degree. I always knew I wanted to go to college but was never quite sure what for. I tossed around different ideas-orthodontist (too much school), marine biologist (wasn't ready to move away), physical therapist (not sure why I didn't pick that). So, when it came time to decide, I was at a loss of where to go and what major to pick. My mom suggested I go ask my counselor what I could do with sign language.

A little back story: When I was in second grade we had a new student come in who happened to be Deaf. I was that kid that made friends with everyone and soon we were best friends. I remember watching the interpreter the whole day and going home asking my mom why I wasn't Deaf. I was in love with the language and I learned it to communicate with my friend. After third grade she moved away and we lost contact. That was the last of my signing that I did.

Ok, back to my senior year. After my mom suggested that I went right into the counselor's office and asked what I could do with sign language. She told me I could be an interpreter. Then, I asked where I can go to school. She told me where, so I applied, got accepted, and was on my way.

I love my job and am thankful for it. American Sign Language is such a beautiful language. I am thankful I took my mom's advice. I can't wait to have a baby one day and teach them sign language. Seeing little hands sign melts my heart. I am thankful for all the things my education has brought me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 3 my family

 Who isn't thankful for family? I know I sure am! I have a mom who raised two kids (who are both equally awesome!) on her own. She did get some help from my grandparents, who I miss dearly everyday, but most of it was on her own. She raised me to be a strong, independent person. I am thankful for how she brought me up. I know how to stand on my own two feet thanks to her. I know I can always call her to go shopping, go out for salsa, chips, and margarita's, and can always call to go on walks on a nice evening.  

I am also thankful for the family I married into ( ^this is only a small part of that). I am thankful for where I went to high school and played soccer. I played with A's cousin and that's how we met.  I got my fun job while working in college (a high end jewelry store) thanks to A's aunt. I've been in the family for 8/9 years and it feels like I've been apart of the family forever. I am truly thankful for being welcomed. 

I am also thankful for my big brother. Growing up we were super close, grew apart once he hit high school, then after we became close again. I am thankful I can call my brother one of my best friends. It also is nice because my bff dates my brother. He makes me laugh and most of the time we are the only people that get each others humor. 

Lastly, I am thankful for my whole family. They know how to have a good time. Family is such an important part of life and I am thankful that I have such a great group of people I can call my family. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 2 my friends

I must say I really have some great friends. Some of us have been friends for over 10 years (almost 15!) and others just a few short years. I'm thankful for having friends to meet up for coffee just to talk about life. I'm thankful for having a friend to go shopping with to only buy the exact same thing. I'm thankful that some of my friends have children and I get to see them grow up. I'm thankful (kind of) that I have friends that live in another state that I get to go visit. I'm thankful for friends of the past as well,  I've learned from them and it makes me who I am today. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 days to be thankful:day 1 my husband

Can you believe we are 7 days away from Thanksgiving (and 8 from my favorite shopping day)! Crazy how fast time flies! I have decided for the next week that I'm going to blog about things I'm thankful for. For day one I wanted to start with my husband Andy.

I've known him for a little over 8 years and I still am head over heels about him. I don’t understand how I got so lucky to be the girl to marry him. He's always been there for me, been my biggest cheerleader, motives me, and inspires me to be a better person. I hope everyone can find what I have with Andy. I am truly thankful to have him in my life.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tis the season

The holidays are slowly quickly sneaking up on us. This is my favorite time of the year, especially Christmas time!  I went to Shutterfly to upload pictures from the weekend when I saw they had their banner showing their Christmas cards. I can't believe it is time to get those ordered since they will need to go out in only a few short weeks! 
I went to go check out the cards and, of course, I found a whole bunch that I love. So I turned to my blog to get some advice. Which one should I pick?
I like the simplicity of this one

I like the colors and snowflakes in this one
This one is a very clean layout too.

Love this one too!

Oh the choices! Which one do you like best? Be sure to head over to Shutterfly to pick out yours too!

If my fellow bloggers want 50 cards of your own- Check it out here

So excited!

Friday afternoon I got an email from Verizon that looked like this:
I thought it was too good to be true. Andy and I had to go sign some papers for fill out for our refi (hello 15 year loan! I could be debit free by 39!) So after that we decided to head up to Verizon to get the scoop on this plan. See, we were up for our 2 every 2 but I was a cheapskate and didn't want to fork up the $54 a month for data plans (I get a discount through work). So we went up there and even the sales guy had never seen this. He called the number and confirmed it and told us to pick out our new phones. A walked out of there with the Droid Incredible and I got the Droid 2. How could we pass up a deal for 1,400 mins, unlimited data and texting, and all the other Verizon stuff for less than $180 a month for all 5 lines! I love my new phone. 
For all you Droid people out there what are your favorite apps? 

read more about the plan here