Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Tuesday, we headed down to see the Reds play the Pirates. We were lucky enough to get box seats (thanks Adam and Kristen!) I mean free tickets that include free food?! Count me in! The weather here in the Queen City has been fabulous, so it was a great night to catch a game. While it was 0 to 0 for most of the game we still had a great time. We ended up losing 2-1 but we are still in 1st place so that's okay :).

Our view

I love that the Great American Ball Park is right on the river. It is so pretty.
I'm sad Adam and Kristen didn't get in on this shot but I still like it.

And how can you not have a great time when Ava is there!

Summer time is officially here! This weekend we are headed down to the lake and I can NOT wait! This skin needs some serious sun. As Brad Paisley says in his song Water-
All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades
And ice cold beer
And a place to sit somewhere near...Water

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ochocinco Fever

I'm LOVING Chad Ochocinco on DWTS this season. I'm pulling for him tonight. It is true, he is the only one left that has had zero dance experience. Cincy is pulling for you #85! Even a local bakery made cookies for him:
Sadly when I went to go get one after work they were sold out :( 

My fingers are crossed you make it to the finals next week!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How I Celebrated..

Well I'm 24 now! I had such an awesome birthday! The weather here was beautiful. After working all day I came home to get everything ready for the grill out after the game. Once A got home we headed up to the park! I got to hang out with all my favorite people! =) 

 My bestie Lauren and I 
Steph and me
 Little miss Ava 
Steph's son Austin
My mom and me 

And this is the only picture I got of Andy playing ball-and he wasn't even playing! Oops :), it's what happens when all us girls get together and chat. 

After the game (a huge comeback in the last inning!) we heading back to our house for burgers, dogs, and ice cream cake! Everyone was so sweet and got me some awesome gifts:
How cute is my new helmet for the motorcycle! 

Saturday night we went out again (how lucky am I?!). We had dinner at Max and Erma's. And FYI if you ever go there you have to get the chocolate chip cookies, oh my they are to die for! They bring them out on the cookie sheet fresh from the oven, I think I just might have to order them every time we go!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go girl...

It's your birthday!

I am starting my day off with a free drink at Starbucks (I've been waiting all week for this Java&Chip!)

Then this afternoon/evening I am going to A's softball game then everyone is coming over here for a grill out. 
I love my birthday oh so much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

300 Cupcakes

That is how many I agreed to bake for Andy's cousin's church (their 3 year anniversary). You see, I am known in the family for my cupcakes. I make them for every family get together, and I love making them. It would be my dream to own a cupcake shop, maybe one day. So when Holly called me with the request I agreed (I was hopeful that maybe people would want me to bake for birthdays, showers, etc.). I went into it thinking okay, 300 cupcakes...this is going to take me forever! But in reality it took about three hours to do the baking and about two and a half hours to do the icing. I also broke it up over two days, so it wasn't nearly as bad.
All of the ingredients 

Yummy vanilla cupcakes 
 with vanilla butter cream!
 So good (I made 150 of these and 150 with chocolate butter cream-forgot to take a pic!)
 doing my final count! 

Of course I forgot the camera to take pictures of the cupcakes at the church :( But the good news is they were a hit! I over heard more then one group of people talking about how delicious they were! That made it all worth while. Now, lets just cross our fingers that something will come of this!

ps. I also need to think of a cleaver business name for my cupcakes. Ideas??