Monday, May 3, 2010

300 Cupcakes

That is how many I agreed to bake for Andy's cousin's church (their 3 year anniversary). You see, I am known in the family for my cupcakes. I make them for every family get together, and I love making them. It would be my dream to own a cupcake shop, maybe one day. So when Holly called me with the request I agreed (I was hopeful that maybe people would want me to bake for birthdays, showers, etc.). I went into it thinking okay, 300 cupcakes...this is going to take me forever! But in reality it took about three hours to do the baking and about two and a half hours to do the icing. I also broke it up over two days, so it wasn't nearly as bad.
All of the ingredients 

Yummy vanilla cupcakes 
 with vanilla butter cream!
 So good (I made 150 of these and 150 with chocolate butter cream-forgot to take a pic!)
 doing my final count! 

Of course I forgot the camera to take pictures of the cupcakes at the church :( But the good news is they were a hit! I over heard more then one group of people talking about how delicious they were! That made it all worth while. Now, lets just cross our fingers that something will come of this!

ps. I also need to think of a cleaver business name for my cupcakes. Ideas??


Becky said...

I am known for my cupcakes too! We should go into business! =)

my life as a wife said...

If only we lived closer Becky! =)

Shelze said...

I could go for a good cupcake! Do you ship?