Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 years..

Today marks the day of Andy & I got from here:

to here:

It all started when I needed a date to my junior year homecoming. Ok, now this is where it gets complicated-but hang with me, a friend of mine was dating this guy, Tony. A girl on my soccer team, Emily, was saying how Tony needed a friend so he wasn't bored (he was in college-didn't go to our school). Anyways she suggested her cousin Andy (who was cousins with Emily and Tony but on 2 different sides). My bff Lauren agreed (she knew both boys) and Lauren and Emily both thought I would be a perfect match-we are both goofy, like to have a good time etc.
Emily called up Andy after practice and told him she needed him to go to the football game with her this Friday to meet a girl,me.
The whole week I was bugging Lauren asking her if he was cute and if she really thought we would match. She kept assuring me that I would like him. OK, flash forward to Friday night. I was a cheerleader so I couldn't talk to him until half time. The whole game I would avoid eye contact but I knew he was looking at me the entire time! We talked and later exchanged numbers.
The next night was fate. I went to a haunted house with a group of friends that was about 30 minutes away. When we were about to head home I got a call from Lauren saying she was on her way out there but needed to meet us to give us her key because he mom called her saying she was locked out. We met up with Lauren and she told me Andy was with her group and insisted I go back out with her. Well I did and Andy and I really had a chance to talk.
And that was it. We ended up going to the dance together and have been inseparable since. On this day 6 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend and now here I am as his wife.

Thank you Andy for a wonderful 6 years fulled with nothing but happiness. Here's to many, many more!

Monday, October 20, 2008

pumpkins and apples..

This weekend we went to the pumpkin farm and apple farm with a group of friends. This is Andy's & mine fall festivity we look forward to. We had a big group with us this year. I got some cute shots of my friend Steph's daughter Mea.

I also finished our fall table decor. I love my glitter pumpkins. I saw them on Martha Stewart had had to make them! I think they turned out great.

We also stopped in Pier 1 because we had some time to waste before we met everyone. Andy had never really been in there and thought everything was expensive. I explained to him that when they have a sale it is good. Of course we found stuff but not what I thought we would. First I found these place mats for about $2 each.

Then Andy found a table. He fell in love with it and once he loves something he has to buy it. I loved the table as well and reminded him we had money from the wedding we could use. So we bought it:
We still have to get some new chairs for it, but for now it works. I love how Carson always shows up in my pictures.

Oh and this was our old table (also the old rug):

I think the larger table looks better. Here are some other fall decorations we have around the house:

I love my star wreath. I saw it at a craft show and it was $40! I knew I could make it much cheaper so I did. I made the wreath for about $12.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

9.6.08 wedding

For the record I have been the worst blogger ever..that's going to change!

Anyway on to the important stuff..THE WEDDING!!! Everything went perfectly. Here is a recap.

I woke up around 7am. I stayed at my house and Andy did as well (blah to traditions). It was overcast outside-but hey I was fine as long as no rain! My mom and BM Mollie came over around 8. My mom stopped to get me a latte-my favorite, she is so sweet. We left my house around 9. I had one rose left from making the bouquets, I decided I would take that last rose to my Grandma & Grandpa Henke's grave. It killed me inside to not have my grandparents at my wedding-they did everything for me. It was a sweet moment and I am so happy I did that.

Around 10am we arrived at WPCG where the wedding was. We set up everything we needed to get done and started filling favor boxes. At 11am Heidi came to do our makeup. Mollie and Steph did every ones hair. I am so thankful to know these two girls! Some getting ready pics (non-pro)

Rachel ( the photographer) arrived at 2pm to shoot some photos.This time of the day flew by. I know Rachel took some great and I cannot wait to see them. Then the next thing I knew it was 5pm and still no cake! I think I was on such a "happy" high that I didn't even freak out, but about 15 minutes later we had a cake! It was then time to line up and get married..

I was not nervous until that moment. I was about to be married! This was it, after dating for 6 years and planning for 23 months the moment was here and I could not have been more excited. I had done so well the entire day with no tears. I walked halfway done the isle just fine, until everyone stood up and looked at me. It was so overwhelming that I let it all out. I couldn't stop the tears until I saw Andy.

The ceremony was everything I wanted it to be. My cousin did an Irish wedding blessing. We had beautiful violin musicians. The mom's walked down the isle to Coldplay's "In my place", the wedding party walked to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful tonight", I walked down to Canon D and the recessional music was Oasis "Wonderwall". I had to hold the tears in while saying the vowels. Even Andy had a tear in his eye so I know he was holding them back too. It was then time to partyyy!

Our entrance was a blast. Ok a quick background on the cowboy hats. We both are huge Kenny Chesney fans. We wear the hats to the concerts and we thought it would be cute. Once we walked in it was time for the first dance. We danced to Jack Johnson's "Angel". Then it was time for the parent dances. Then It was time for the cake cutting. I was looking forward to this!

Now I know some brides are anti cake-smashing. I really had a blast with this. Seriously, its the only time you will be able to do this and get away with it! We both were mild though, he might have got a little more icing on me than I did on him. This is the only cake we both got! All we heard (and are still hearing) is that our cake was delicious. Good thing we are getting one made on our one year!! Once I get the pro-pics back I will post those (which will be any day this week!!). To end this blog it is time to show how much fun everyone had with the cowboy hats! I didn't know so many people had them on till I saw pictures!

First Andy & I

Then Bobby & Cary

Then my brother David

Even my mom got in on the action