Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Kitchen

This weeks room is the kitchen. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. The color is Vineyard by Behr. I decorated it orange and red accents. 
The 3 clocks were my husbands idea. The point of them is to have different times (NY, Paris, and not sure of the other) but we haven't completed that project yet. The glass under that is our 'white board', which I LOVE to update and write cute notes on. We got all of those things at IKEA. The door leads to the basement. 
I fell in love with the stainless steel and white cabinets while we were looking at this house. 
The other side. 
I had to show the skinny cabinet next to the fridge. Do you think I like candles? I have to have different scents depending on the season! I also have some decor stuff behind the candles like the cabinet of younghouselove
Now I get to add a new candle to the collection since I won the contest over at dc rowhouse
Not sure where I want to take you next Thursday... guess we will see! 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Living room (and more!)

Welcome to the Home Tour Tuesday  - Thursday edition! This weekend I am going to draft the other blogs so I can stay on top of it! (once I get a minute to breath!) At the end of the post I will show you why I didn't blog yesterday =) anyway on to the pics of the living room:
Here it is! This is the room where a lot of time is spent. My favorite thing? The new rug we got from Home Depot! 
Once we moved into the house the TV was the first purchase.  
Some decorations. The Buddha is a long running joke with the husband and I. Thats a story for another day :)  
The other side of the window. 
Our footrest. I love it because it opens up and we keep magazines, and blankets in there. 
And that's the living room! Next week: the kitchen!
Now on to what I did yesterday. My step mom has started her own photography business. She is very talent and has great rates right now since she is just starting up. If you are in the Cincy area check her out!
Here are some of my fav's from the shoot =) (The quality isn't great because I copied them with paint)
Me, my younger sister Lindsey, my bff Lauren 

My baby bro Nolan 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been working for the past 3 weeks interpreting football in the evenings. This week I have meetings and trainings all week followed by practice at night. This weeks home tour Tuesday will be moved to Wednesday. I need to start blogging on Sundays and setting them to post on certain days. Today was my first 12 hours day (thanks coach for running practice over an hour longer!!) and let me tell you its going to be a long season with days like this. It was 90* but felt like 100*. I was in a meeting all day and went straight to practice so I didn't have water and I was not about to share with the boys. I just have to keep thinking of my goal with my overtime pay...
ps. I know I shouldn't complain since I have a job and other don't. It just feels good to vent sometimes. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Master Bedroom

This week I am posting out bedroom. When moved in we painted it light blue, but after a couple months we started to hate it. So we bought grey paint and planned to paint it after the honeymoon. To our surprise my mother in law painted it for us while we were gone. It was just a nice thing for her to do for us. 
This is our summer bedding. I really don't like this quilt. It looked better when the wall were blue. I have yet to find anything I like with the grey so if anyone has suggestion please comment! 
 We hung the shelves to add something to the plain walls. 
This is a close up of one of them. I got the metal flowers and flowers laying down at a primative store that is just up the street. I love that store! 
Here is the other. My side is kind of plain! The Christmas decor looks better =)
We bought those paintings off ebay. Again they looked better with blue walls, but I don't think they are terrible with grey. 
We eventually would like to hang up a tv on this spot. I would also like to paint the dresser darker (again suggestions!)I also love our his and her closets. 
That's it for the bedroom. Next week we will move into the living room! 
Oh and remember how I mentioned in the last tour post that we wanted a new picture in the dining room. Well I came home Friday night to find this hanging on the wall. It might not look big in this picture but it is large! It looks a million times better. I love all the colors in it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show us your life.. Reception and Honeymoon

This week over at Kelly's blog it is time to show your wedding reception and honeymoon. Our reception was held at the same place as the wedding ceremony.
We walked in to "Save a horse ride a cowboy". We added the cowboy hats for an extra touch =)
Here are our table set up. I bought the carryout boxes from Craig's List and filled them with candy. The brown cards were for people to log onto an account and upload the photos they took(I recommend doing this!) We also had favors of golf tees with our names and wedding date. 
Every centerpiece had a different set of ribbons. I loved how they turned out.  
I LOVED our cake. I heard it was delicious too but we were so busy we didn't even get to enjoy it! I wanted a taller cake so the bottom layer was actually fake! 
Yes we were cake smashers! It was fun and the only time its ok to do this!  
My maid of honor Lauren had a great speech. We've been best friends for many years so some old stories came up. But they best speech went to one of the Best men, my brother David. He told stories of us growing up, stories of when he met Andy and how they used to compare cars but now its who has the best yard and who got the lower energy bill. My favorite part in the speech was when he told a story of when Andy and I dressed up in some of my old dance costumes (I was a dancer for 16 years so I had a ton!) and we went trick-or-treating at about 11pm on some random night. It showed how Andy & I love to play jokes and don't take life too seriously.  
I just wanted to share this one because it was one of my favorites. 
After the wedding we stayed at the airport hotel (romantic right) cause we had a early flight to catch the next day to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Our original flight go delayed so they switch our flight. As we were getting on the new flight we saw Vanilla Ice! It was too funny. On to the pictures! 
I love this one from our room. 
Our resort had different events every night. This one was what they called the carnival. In the USVI they make Cruzan Rum (YUM!) so they give away a TON of drinks free. I mean once the plane landed you walked by a booth that was giving out free shots of all the flavors! So everywhere we went I had to get a drink =) The rum punch was delicious, you would pick which flavor of rum (I recommend the pineapple) and they would top it off with Cruzan light and Cruzan dark .  
Over at Mountain Top is where you can see the whole island and take it in. My neighbor told me to try the banana daiquiri's when we went and boy and I glad he told us about these. They were very, very good.  
Here is the view of Magens Bay. It is one of the worlds best beaches.
Here I am at Magens Bay once again with a drink!  How cool is it that they had a waitress that would come to you to order drinks. I had to do it just because of that! 
This is over at St. John. This island is BEAUTIFUL! If you want to do some good snorkeling (and cheap!) go here! It was my first time snorkeling and I fell in love. It was so relaxing just being with the fish where it was quiet.
Looking at these photos makes me want to go back to the islands so bad. We plan on going back one day and I can not wait! 

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I won! I entered a giveaway over on dc rowhouse for a candle. I never win anything! I just started following Benny's blog a few weeks ago because she is renovating a townhome. Its fun to follow her blog and see the progress (with her kitchen right now!). Go check her out! (ps-she always has GREAT giveaways!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Dining Room

This week is the dining room. This room has come a long way. The only before picture I have on my laptop is from my bachelorette party. This is what it looked like a year ago:
And here is what it looks like now!
The color is Behr Mississippi Mud. Andy did the picture boxes (the white on the bottom). I love the way it looks now. 
I change the center piece every season. This is what I did for summer. 
We bought the table last year at Pier One. We still are looking for some chairs. We want to get some leather ones but it gets expensive when you need 6 of them! 
One of my favorite things in the house. Andy did this picture wall for me for Valentines day. 
The door is our bedroom which will be next week! 
Andy painted these. I think they look great but we recently found a painting at BB&B that we are thinking of getting to replace these (we will move them to another part of the house).
We will be finished with the dining room once we get new chairs like these:
And a new chandelier like this one: