Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Kitchen

This weeks room is the kitchen. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. The color is Vineyard by Behr. I decorated it orange and red accents. 
The 3 clocks were my husbands idea. The point of them is to have different times (NY, Paris, and not sure of the other) but we haven't completed that project yet. The glass under that is our 'white board', which I LOVE to update and write cute notes on. We got all of those things at IKEA. The door leads to the basement. 
I fell in love with the stainless steel and white cabinets while we were looking at this house. 
The other side. 
I had to show the skinny cabinet next to the fridge. Do you think I like candles? I have to have different scents depending on the season! I also have some decor stuff behind the candles like the cabinet of younghouselove
Now I get to add a new candle to the collection since I won the contest over at dc rowhouse
Not sure where I want to take you next Thursday... guess we will see! 

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