Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Dining Room

This week is the dining room. This room has come a long way. The only before picture I have on my laptop is from my bachelorette party. This is what it looked like a year ago:
And here is what it looks like now!
The color is Behr Mississippi Mud. Andy did the picture boxes (the white on the bottom). I love the way it looks now. 
I change the center piece every season. This is what I did for summer. 
We bought the table last year at Pier One. We still are looking for some chairs. We want to get some leather ones but it gets expensive when you need 6 of them! 
One of my favorite things in the house. Andy did this picture wall for me for Valentines day. 
The door is our bedroom which will be next week! 
Andy painted these. I think they look great but we recently found a painting at BB&B that we are thinking of getting to replace these (we will move them to another part of the house).
We will be finished with the dining room once we get new chairs like these:
And a new chandelier like this one:


Amanda said...

Very cute, I love your decorating style!

KennyandBeth said...

I like the look of the chairs you have in there now- You'll have to let me know if you decide to get rid of them. If we get a new table I may be interested! :) Love your kitchen- don't you love it when husbands do special little things like your photo wall?