Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Living room (and more!)

Welcome to the Home Tour Tuesday  - Thursday edition! This weekend I am going to draft the other blogs so I can stay on top of it! (once I get a minute to breath!) At the end of the post I will show you why I didn't blog yesterday =) anyway on to the pics of the living room:
Here it is! This is the room where a lot of time is spent. My favorite thing? The new rug we got from Home Depot! 
Once we moved into the house the TV was the first purchase.  
Some decorations. The Buddha is a long running joke with the husband and I. Thats a story for another day :)  
The other side of the window. 
Our footrest. I love it because it opens up and we keep magazines, and blankets in there. 
And that's the living room! Next week: the kitchen!
Now on to what I did yesterday. My step mom has started her own photography business. She is very talent and has great rates right now since she is just starting up. If you are in the Cincy area check her out!
Here are some of my fav's from the shoot =) (The quality isn't great because I copied them with paint)
Me, my younger sister Lindsey, my bff Lauren 

My baby bro Nolan 

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Megan C. said...

I love your decor style! You're an inspiration :) And the rug is my favorite, too! Great find.