Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Tour Tuesdays: Master Bedroom

This week I am posting out bedroom. When moved in we painted it light blue, but after a couple months we started to hate it. So we bought grey paint and planned to paint it after the honeymoon. To our surprise my mother in law painted it for us while we were gone. It was just a nice thing for her to do for us. 
This is our summer bedding. I really don't like this quilt. It looked better when the wall were blue. I have yet to find anything I like with the grey so if anyone has suggestion please comment! 
 We hung the shelves to add something to the plain walls. 
This is a close up of one of them. I got the metal flowers and flowers laying down at a primative store that is just up the street. I love that store! 
Here is the other. My side is kind of plain! The Christmas decor looks better =)
We bought those paintings off ebay. Again they looked better with blue walls, but I don't think they are terrible with grey. 
We eventually would like to hang up a tv on this spot. I would also like to paint the dresser darker (again suggestions!)I also love our his and her closets. 
That's it for the bedroom. Next week we will move into the living room! 
Oh and remember how I mentioned in the last tour post that we wanted a new picture in the dining room. Well I came home Friday night to find this hanging on the wall. It might not look big in this picture but it is large! It looks a million times better. I love all the colors in it.

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