Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Outfit

Tonight for NYE we are doing something different.  A few weeks ago we were asked by A's cousin if we wanted to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. We are going to Stone Creek, which is also where we went for our second anniversary, but to one in a different location. I've been looking forward to this steak dinner all week! Here is what I decided to wear tonight. 

I got this top at Ann Taylor Loft. After all the discounts I got it for $10! I'm thinking of wearing a black cardigan with it if I get chilly. 
Last week I returned my Rock and Republic jeans to Nordstrom Rack that I originally used my Groupon for. I thought I would get a gift card for the $50 (which was what my groupon was for) and the remaining amount I paid back on my credit card. Well, when I went to the counter to return it she put it all back on my card. Turns out I ended up getting my groupon for free (I paid $25 for $50). Does that make sense?! I was sort of confused. Anyway, my friend Lauren was the one who spotted this bag first. It is a Kate Spade that was originally $425, but was on sale for $79.97. I couldn't believe that price! It was love at first site. I mean, I only paid $30 for a new Kate Spade bag! Score! The picture above is hard to see so here is the bag.
kate spade claverly maryanne bow shopper
I am still debating on what bottoms to wear tonight. I'm thinking dark jeans with either my patent leather heels or flats (depends on which jeans I pick). I feel like this post is all over the place but I had to share my great deals! I will be back after the new year to show how the outfit went together and how the night went! 
I hope everyone has a fun, and safe New Year's eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Goals-How'd I do?

Way back in January I picked some goals I wanted to accomplish in 2010. In July I did a half a year recap. Lets see how I did after one full year!

Goal #1- Meal Planning- I must say this is something that I did keep up on. We had a dinner planned almost weekday this year. Of course, there were few times where something popped up but other than that I am pleased with this goal. It is something that I plan on continually doing. 

One of my favorite meals from this year. 

Goal #2-Get Fit- I must say I have come a long way since 1/1/10. This past year I have ran in 6 races, went to the gym at least 4 times a week, I drank my last pop in March and gave up fast food in February. I am in the best shape of my life. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings me! I have to brag a little. I want to look back on this post next year to see progress(if any)!
March 2010

July 2010
December 2010 
July 2010

December 2010 

Goal #3-Learn to sew- I really, really tried to accomplish this goal. I came to the conclusion that my sewing machine sucks. I hate to say that because it was a gift but it is awful. There is no control over the speed, the thread gets tangled up, and I get frustrated. I plan on selling it on Craigs List  in a few weeks to maybe look into buying a new one. 

Goal #4- Pay off school loans- DONE! The only debt we have is A's car and our mortgage (which we just refi'd to a 15 year loan! Sweet!). I'll take that!

Goal #5- Read 50 books this year. Sadly I didn't get this one done either. I did read 35 books and I am proud of that. It is the most books I have read in one year. Some of my favorites: Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter, Chelsea Handler's books (funny!!),and Kristen Hannah's Winter Garden.Who knows maybe next year I'll hit the 50! 

Goal #6- Make a 1001 in 101 days list- yea, this didn't get done either and I really don't have a reason why. I think I just kept forgetting about it! I will try for this in 2011!

I must say for never sticking to resolutions in the past I think I did pretty good this year. In the next few days I will have my 2011 goals. Have you thought about yours? 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Our Christmas's started last Sunday when we had my dad and all my siblings over for dinner. It was our first time cooking a ham and it turned out great! It was so nice having everyone over here this year. 
Compared to last year we all look a bit different, especially Nolan! 
I didn't take any pictures on Christmas Eve but we always go to Andy's aunt and uncle's house. I got some really nice gifts-a North Face sweatshirt (seen below), some MAC eyeshadow and a Sephora gc. Andy got a Lowes gift card and a new Under Armour shirt. Then we went out to my aunt's house to enjoy some dessert and laughs. 

Christmas morning we always open up our gifts to each other. I spoiled Andy this year with a few clothes, softball stuff, and his favorite gift- a pair of Ugg slippers (Zappos has the best customer service btw)

 Andy also spoiled me this year. I got a gift card to go get fitted for some running shoes, some makeup, and he built me a mirror. But my favorite gift of all was the Tassimo coffee machine. I love this thing! (If you have one what are some good t-discs to buy?)

We then headed off to my mom's for our traditional Christmas breakfast. I won't bore you with all the picture but I do have to brag about one. My bff (aka my brothers gf) got me the gift I didn't think I would get since it has been sold out everywhere:

I LOVE this eyeshadow! I have been wearing all different colors since I got it!

I got all kinds of new clothes, the Giuliana book I've been wanting, a scarf, and workout gear. Andy got some new threads, and tools. 

We then headed off to our last stop, Andy's parents. Once again I got more makeup, a new dessert cookbook (I will have to blog some of the good ones!), and more running gear. Andy, again, got more tools! We always do a gift card game with the whole family. This year Andy got one for Home Depot, and I had one for Target but it was stolen from me so I ended up with one for Victoria's Secret. 

It is hard to believe Christmas has came and went but I am looking forward to New Years!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From our home to yours we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodbye Shoes

Today I sent my gym shoes in. When I bought these shoes back in January I also bought the No Sweat protection plan that Dick's Sporting Goods offers. The shoes were wearing out so I sent them back and soon they will send me a gift card to get some new ones. It really is a good deal, the plan was only $3.99. I thought it would be fun to reflect back.  :) 

I ran my first ever 5k in these shoes. I came in 1st in my age group.

That very next day I ran in a trail run with my brother. We ran 3.5 miles.

Then in June my shoes took a trip to Nashville. I ran in the CMA Road Race 5k. 

The last race my shoe ran in was in Chicago. The Urbanathalon was by far my favorite race!

Not included is all the times I ran in my neighborhood and my workouts. I am in the best shape of my life! Last year at this time if you were to tell me that I was going to run in 4 races in 2010 I wouldn't believe you! I am so proud of all I have accomplished! I am looking forward to next years post, with many more races and new shoes! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lace & Tights

I am loving the lace tops and tights for this season. I grew up dancing and always wore tights to dance class so I never really wore them outside of that. What was I thinking?! I went to Forever 21 and bought a pair of black tights for $3.50 and another pair of patterned tights for $6.80. I normally wear leggings with boots in the winter. I've seen people wear tights with pumps so I thought I'd try that look out. I was impressed with Forever 21's quality for the black tights. I was afraid they were going to be thin or itchy but they weren't! It was a very good buy. Here is my outfit (along with my new hair color!)
Skirt-The Gap, 
cardigan-Tommy Hilfiger Outlet 
 lace top-Charlotte Russe
black patent leather shoes-Aldo

I am loving this look on celebs too:
I would love a creme lace dress. I think this is such a classy look! 

I am loving this Gucci dress. The all black is a sharp look! 

I love how she made this fun with the ruffle skirt. I also like the lace sleeves on the top! 

I plan on wearing my patterned tights with my new skirt I got from Ann Taylor Loft. (It fits much better on me!) I just need to figure out what top to put with it! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Favorites

I thought since we are ten (!!) days out from Christmas I would post some of my favorite things! 

My favorite Christmas song, and just might be my ringtone, is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I can't  help but think of the Home Alone scene where he has the 'people' dancing around!

I love the snow as well. I mean if it is going to be cold FREEZING it needs to snow. Working in a school that is sorta, kinda in the 'country' we get pretty many snow days or delays. There is no better phone call at 5 am! We actually had a snow day on Monday and we have another storm moving in right now! My fingers are crossed for a white Christmas!

I'm also loving the Target commercial! I can remember waking up at 5 am (pretty much when my mom went to bed because she waited till Christmas eve to wrap-but we didn't know that) and running into the living room to see everything Santa brought us. The excitement isn't the same as an adult but I still do enjoy waking up Christmas morning. 

I also love going to Starbucks to get a nice hot caramel brulee latte. I may or may not have an addiction to Starbucks. Is it bad that I have a gold card?!

Another addiction I may or may not have is Bath and Body Works soaps. I have a supply that would last me for the next 10 years! I like to switch them up for the seasons! Right now we are washing our hands with Winter Candy Apple, my fav!
I also LOVE giving people gifts. It's the best feeling to give someone something that puts a smile on their face. A little gift can go along way. I have something up my sleeve that I think A will be surprised with. Last year I did that when I got him some nice sunglasses. I also have a few small gifts for some friends that might not be expecting anything, that is my favorite time to give someone a gift. I received a gift from a co-worker that was a surprise and I love it! She is so thoughtful!

What are your favorites? I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Perfect Tree

Over the weekend we went to go get out Christmas tree. After stopping at four different places we finally found it. When we got to the place we had a worker come up to us and ask what we were looking for. We told him about 9 feet and skinny and he told us he had the perfect tree for us. We are easy to please and once they showed us the tree we said we'd take it. They even took $20 off the price! While they were loading it up on the car my mom and I went to get our free ornament and some hot chocolate! They had the best customer service. I wouldn't mind getting our tree there again next year! 

Getting the tree into the stand.

Our 3rd Christmas in our home

You know you have a tall tree when you have to use a step ladder 

I love taking these pictures every year

This ornament comes all the way from Australia, where A's cousin is living 

I love when we decorate the tree! 

One of my new ornaments from an ornament exchange 

Our tree lit up. So pretty! 

After looking at our tree from 2009 and 2008 I realized this was our biggest (and my favorite!) tree yet! I love the smell of the tree and the glow from the lights. Christmas is such a magical time. Walking into my living room just makes me happy. It looks so cozy and warm. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frosty Air

I don't know what has happened to me in the past few years but I can not stand the cold! Today I woke up to a frigid 12*! I mean, it only took ten seconds for me to go out to my car this morning to warm it up, but I became so cold!

 After I got the car cleaned off (not fun at 630 am!) I headed out to work. I am one of those careful drivers, when it's this cold out the ice on the road doesn't melt! I took my time going to work, slid a few time, and walked my short walk from my car to the building. I am dreading going back outside!

I remember being a kid playing in the snow all day and not caring about how cold I was. Now, I hate even stepping one foot outside! It is going to be a long winter! I don't know how people who live in colder areas handle it. I already know I'll be one of those people that either retire down south or go to Flordia for the winter!

July weather can come back anytime!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I really meant to blog last week but I just had a bad week and couldn't get into it. But today is a new week and I'm back! 
Lets start with Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful, yet (as always) busy day. I mean who really could not like a day where it doesn't matter how much you eat and get to be around great people! 

After our delicious dinner Lauren and I headed out around 11 for some Black Friday shopping. And boy did we do some shopping! We stayed out till 7 am! We had a blast and it was fun to be in the crowd! 

Even though my week didn't start out that great last week it ended on a great note. My cousin had her baby on Friday. We didn't know the gender. My guess was a boy, and I thought that the whole time. I was shocked when I got that text that it was a little girl! I am so thrilled to have another baby girl in the family, my other cousin had a baby girl just this past May. 
 Look at those cheeks! 

Nothing cuter than tiny baby feet :) 

We are decorating the Christmas tree tonight. This is my favorite thing to do with Andy in December. I got all the fixin's for some hot cocoa!