Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Our Christmas's started last Sunday when we had my dad and all my siblings over for dinner. It was our first time cooking a ham and it turned out great! It was so nice having everyone over here this year. 
Compared to last year we all look a bit different, especially Nolan! 
I didn't take any pictures on Christmas Eve but we always go to Andy's aunt and uncle's house. I got some really nice gifts-a North Face sweatshirt (seen below), some MAC eyeshadow and a Sephora gc. Andy got a Lowes gift card and a new Under Armour shirt. Then we went out to my aunt's house to enjoy some dessert and laughs. 

Christmas morning we always open up our gifts to each other. I spoiled Andy this year with a few clothes, softball stuff, and his favorite gift- a pair of Ugg slippers (Zappos has the best customer service btw)

 Andy also spoiled me this year. I got a gift card to go get fitted for some running shoes, some makeup, and he built me a mirror. But my favorite gift of all was the Tassimo coffee machine. I love this thing! (If you have one what are some good t-discs to buy?)

We then headed off to my mom's for our traditional Christmas breakfast. I won't bore you with all the picture but I do have to brag about one. My bff (aka my brothers gf) got me the gift I didn't think I would get since it has been sold out everywhere:

I LOVE this eyeshadow! I have been wearing all different colors since I got it!

I got all kinds of new clothes, the Giuliana book I've been wanting, a scarf, and workout gear. Andy got some new threads, and tools. 

We then headed off to our last stop, Andy's parents. Once again I got more makeup, a new dessert cookbook (I will have to blog some of the good ones!), and more running gear. Andy, again, got more tools! We always do a gift card game with the whole family. This year Andy got one for Home Depot, and I had one for Target but it was stolen from me so I ended up with one for Victoria's Secret. 

It is hard to believe Christmas has came and went but I am looking forward to New Years!

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