Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodbye Shoes

Today I sent my gym shoes in. When I bought these shoes back in January I also bought the No Sweat protection plan that Dick's Sporting Goods offers. The shoes were wearing out so I sent them back and soon they will send me a gift card to get some new ones. It really is a good deal, the plan was only $3.99. I thought it would be fun to reflect back.  :) 

I ran my first ever 5k in these shoes. I came in 1st in my age group.

That very next day I ran in a trail run with my brother. We ran 3.5 miles.

Then in June my shoes took a trip to Nashville. I ran in the CMA Road Race 5k. 

The last race my shoe ran in was in Chicago. The Urbanathalon was by far my favorite race!

Not included is all the times I ran in my neighborhood and my workouts. I am in the best shape of my life! Last year at this time if you were to tell me that I was going to run in 4 races in 2010 I wouldn't believe you! I am so proud of all I have accomplished! I am looking forward to next years post, with many more races and new shoes! 

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