Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Favorites

I thought since we are ten (!!) days out from Christmas I would post some of my favorite things! 

My favorite Christmas song, and just might be my ringtone, is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I can't  help but think of the Home Alone scene where he has the 'people' dancing around!

I love the snow as well. I mean if it is going to be cold FREEZING it needs to snow. Working in a school that is sorta, kinda in the 'country' we get pretty many snow days or delays. There is no better phone call at 5 am! We actually had a snow day on Monday and we have another storm moving in right now! My fingers are crossed for a white Christmas!

I'm also loving the Target commercial! I can remember waking up at 5 am (pretty much when my mom went to bed because she waited till Christmas eve to wrap-but we didn't know that) and running into the living room to see everything Santa brought us. The excitement isn't the same as an adult but I still do enjoy waking up Christmas morning. 

I also love going to Starbucks to get a nice hot caramel brulee latte. I may or may not have an addiction to Starbucks. Is it bad that I have a gold card?!

Another addiction I may or may not have is Bath and Body Works soaps. I have a supply that would last me for the next 10 years! I like to switch them up for the seasons! Right now we are washing our hands with Winter Candy Apple, my fav!
I also LOVE giving people gifts. It's the best feeling to give someone something that puts a smile on their face. A little gift can go along way. I have something up my sleeve that I think A will be surprised with. Last year I did that when I got him some nice sunglasses. I also have a few small gifts for some friends that might not be expecting anything, that is my favorite time to give someone a gift. I received a gift from a co-worker that was a surprise and I love it! She is so thoughtful!

What are your favorites? I'd love to hear them!

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