Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Perfect Tree

Over the weekend we went to go get out Christmas tree. After stopping at four different places we finally found it. When we got to the place we had a worker come up to us and ask what we were looking for. We told him about 9 feet and skinny and he told us he had the perfect tree for us. We are easy to please and once they showed us the tree we said we'd take it. They even took $20 off the price! While they were loading it up on the car my mom and I went to get our free ornament and some hot chocolate! They had the best customer service. I wouldn't mind getting our tree there again next year! 

Getting the tree into the stand.

Our 3rd Christmas in our home

You know you have a tall tree when you have to use a step ladder 

I love taking these pictures every year

This ornament comes all the way from Australia, where A's cousin is living 

I love when we decorate the tree! 

One of my new ornaments from an ornament exchange 

Our tree lit up. So pretty! 

After looking at our tree from 2009 and 2008 I realized this was our biggest (and my favorite!) tree yet! I love the smell of the tree and the glow from the lights. Christmas is such a magical time. Walking into my living room just makes me happy. It looks so cozy and warm.