Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I really meant to blog last week but I just had a bad week and couldn't get into it. But today is a new week and I'm back! 
Lets start with Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful, yet (as always) busy day. I mean who really could not like a day where it doesn't matter how much you eat and get to be around great people! 

After our delicious dinner Lauren and I headed out around 11 for some Black Friday shopping. And boy did we do some shopping! We stayed out till 7 am! We had a blast and it was fun to be in the crowd! 

Even though my week didn't start out that great last week it ended on a great note. My cousin had her baby on Friday. We didn't know the gender. My guess was a boy, and I thought that the whole time. I was shocked when I got that text that it was a little girl! I am so thrilled to have another baby girl in the family, my other cousin had a baby girl just this past May. 
 Look at those cheeks! 

Nothing cuter than tiny baby feet :) 

We are decorating the Christmas tree tonight. This is my favorite thing to do with Andy in December. I got all the fixin's for some hot cocoa! 

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