Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Outfit

Tonight for NYE we are doing something different.  A few weeks ago we were asked by A's cousin if we wanted to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. We are going to Stone Creek, which is also where we went for our second anniversary, but to one in a different location. I've been looking forward to this steak dinner all week! Here is what I decided to wear tonight. 

I got this top at Ann Taylor Loft. After all the discounts I got it for $10! I'm thinking of wearing a black cardigan with it if I get chilly. 
Last week I returned my Rock and Republic jeans to Nordstrom Rack that I originally used my Groupon for. I thought I would get a gift card for the $50 (which was what my groupon was for) and the remaining amount I paid back on my credit card. Well, when I went to the counter to return it she put it all back on my card. Turns out I ended up getting my groupon for free (I paid $25 for $50). Does that make sense?! I was sort of confused. Anyway, my friend Lauren was the one who spotted this bag first. It is a Kate Spade that was originally $425, but was on sale for $79.97. I couldn't believe that price! It was love at first site. I mean, I only paid $30 for a new Kate Spade bag! Score! The picture above is hard to see so here is the bag.
kate spade claverly maryanne bow shopper
I am still debating on what bottoms to wear tonight. I'm thinking dark jeans with either my patent leather heels or flats (depends on which jeans I pick). I feel like this post is all over the place but I had to share my great deals! I will be back after the new year to show how the outfit went together and how the night went! 
I hope everyone has a fun, and safe New Year's eve!

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Brittany said...

Love the bag!!

Happy 2011!