Monday, October 20, 2008

pumpkins and apples..

This weekend we went to the pumpkin farm and apple farm with a group of friends. This is Andy's & mine fall festivity we look forward to. We had a big group with us this year. I got some cute shots of my friend Steph's daughter Mea.

I also finished our fall table decor. I love my glitter pumpkins. I saw them on Martha Stewart had had to make them! I think they turned out great.

We also stopped in Pier 1 because we had some time to waste before we met everyone. Andy had never really been in there and thought everything was expensive. I explained to him that when they have a sale it is good. Of course we found stuff but not what I thought we would. First I found these place mats for about $2 each.

Then Andy found a table. He fell in love with it and once he loves something he has to buy it. I loved the table as well and reminded him we had money from the wedding we could use. So we bought it:
We still have to get some new chairs for it, but for now it works. I love how Carson always shows up in my pictures.

Oh and this was our old table (also the old rug):

I think the larger table looks better. Here are some other fall decorations we have around the house:

I love my star wreath. I saw it at a craft show and it was $40! I knew I could make it much cheaper so I did. I made the wreath for about $12.

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