Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mini makeover

We have been slowly changing the main bathroom. This was the bathroom when we first moved in:
I loved the tan with the green, but our whole house was the same color. so we decided to paint it brown. The green just didn't look as good with the brown as it did with the tan. So we have been on the hunt for a new curtain (plus when Carson still had claws he kind of ruined it). So while registering last night at BB&B we found this curtain on clearance for $14. We decided to go ahead and get it. I love how it looks. Ignore the green rugs..we registered for brown ones. I think it looks good with the painting Andy and I painted. Oh and Carson thought he needed to be in the pic.

1 comment:

Cassie Marie said...

you painted and andy painted that? it looks cool. love the new shower curtain!