Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up

2 weekends ago Andy & I went to Canal Days in Metamora, IN. We found some great items.
Here we are on the GIANT lawn chair!

This is my fall decor part 2. The garland is what we bought in Metamora.

I also got this willow tree. I've been wanting one for a while and found this one for $9

But the best deal of the day was this old lid. Andy spotted it and I was impressed! It was only $10! So we returned the old bin (that was $36) and put this one out. I like this one much better.

And lastly, we got this plate. I love these primitive plates.

Then last weekend we went to the pumpkin farm! This is our favorite fall festivity. For 24 hours we had rain, so Saturday morning we woke up to a muddy mess! Mud and all we still had a great time and got some good lookin' pumpkins. I can't wait to bake some seeds!

Here we are at the farm!

I wanted some different color pumpkins this year. As soon as we walked on to the farm I saw the beautiful white one and I knew it was mine. I thought the muted orange pumpkin was neat, too! Andy always love the skinny ones so that's the one he picked.

And lastly, I was super excited to see a brown box on my door step this afternoon. My camera finally came! I was a little upset it didn't get in on Friday to take it out over the weekend, but I couldn't do anything (UPS wouldn't budge- :( it just saw at UPS all weekend )

I've been playing around with it and reading the manual. I'm waiting for this book to come in so I can learn some more. I have so much to learn!

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Becky said...

I still have yet to read my manual! Glad you got your camera!