Thursday, November 12, 2009


Right now at Toy R Us they are having a FABULOUS sale on all Hasbro games. So here's the deal: Spend $25 on Hasbro games get a $10 gift card to Toys R Us, then Hasbro is having a mail in rebate on the games. Here is the game prices broken down:
Candy Land- $3.99 ($2 mail in rebate so will become $1.99)
Chutes and Ladders-  $3.99 ($2 mail in rebate so will become $1.99)
Don't Break the Ice- $3.99 ($2 mail in rebate so will become $1.99)
Memory-  $3.99 ($2 mail in rebate so will become $1.99)
Pictureka- $12.99 ($3 mail in rebate so will become $9.99)
Family Game night Trophy- Free! ($9.99 retail but came free with Pictureka)

So I spent $28.95 - $10 gc- $11 in rebates /  6 games = $1.33 per game!

My plan is to give Pictureka and the Trophy to my nephew for Christmas and the other toys will be donated to Toys For Tots. The $10 gc will go toward Super Mario Brothers for the Wii! I thought with the holidays coming up it was worth it to let everyone know about this great deal! Even if you don't have kids please pick up some $3.99 games (if any are left!) and donate them so the kids who aren't as fortunate will have something from "Santa" to open this year! If you bought 7 games @ $3.99 each you will be paying $0.56 a game!!!


Fire Wife said...

Thanks for posting! FireMan has been obsessed with board games lately, so I was planning on getting him one for Christmas. Good idea about Toys for Tots too!
Thanks again!

Becky said...

Great deal! I might have to go and check this out!