Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Goals (check-in #1)

It's hard to believe one month of 2010 is already history. I have decided to post check-ins at the end of each month (mainly so I can look back and see my progress).

My first goal was menu planning. I did this each week (it makes grocery shopping so easy!). We might of switched a few nights around but we had a home cooked meal at least 5 nights a week. I've realized it hard to plan for the weekends because plans can always come up or change. But I am satisfied with what we did this month.

Goal #2 was getting fit. This is the goal I am most proud of. I signed up for a monthly class pass at my rec center. I went to 4 classes a week, and played soccer once a week. I feel like I can already start to see a difference. My arms and abs are toning up! Each week I have been running an average of 4.5 miles a week. I just notice a huge change in my energy levels too by working out. I also love the instructors so it is fun to go. I also got these cute shoes:

My third goal was to learn to sew. Well, I am still working on that one. I became frustrated with my sewing machine a few weeks back and haven't started it back up.

Number 4 was pay off school loans. That one is still a work in progress. (which reminds me, I need to increase my automatic withdraw)

My favortie goal is number 5. I am down 3 books this year. I think this is pretty good. Right now I am reading 2 books at one time and in my students class they are reading a book on tape so I am including that because I am listening along as well. By the end of February I should have another 6 books done. I have added the Good Reads app to my blog to keep track easier too!

As for #6, I have about 40 things on my list. It's harder than I thought to get 101 things!

Overall I think this month was on the positive side for my goals. Now I just have 11 months to keep going up!


Becky said...

Good Job on the goals so far!!! I can't imagine reading all of the books that you have so far. I am slowly working on my list too.

Fire Wife said...

Love it! Great job so far!
Especially on the menu planning. Only because I've been trying that for quite a while now with only a modicum of success. So... great job!