Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Making different crafts is probably my favorite hobby. I love going up into my craft room, turning some music on and just create. I look at other blogs and sites for ideas. I have been slowly building up my room. Here is how it looks today:

I just love it!

I made a banner for a baby shower and ever since I've wanted to make another. I thought Valentines Day would be perfect since I don't decorate too much for this "holiday". This one cost around $2 to make. I am already planning on making one for St. Patrick's Day too :)

My real passion is making cards though.

This is my favorite one. How cute is the envelope right :)

This weekend I am going to class with my brother in laws girl friend to make a jar and some cards; I can't wait :)


Sara said...

I love your craft room! I want one! :)

Becky said...

Mine is set up in a similar way. I love your rug though!!! I knew there was something missing in my room!