Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Mornings

One thing I love about mornings in the summer, I get to stay in bed! When the school year starts I am up at 5am. During the summer I get to stay in bed, drink my latte, catch up on some tv, and read some blogs. 
I think my cats really love this time too.
 Yes, my cats have their own blankets. They actually know whose is whose =)
Nala cuddled up.

Carson not amused. 


Becky said...

How cute!!! Your second kitty looks just like mine.

LucieP said...

Carson looks like he wants to know why you are taking his pic! ;)

One reason why I have thought about working in the school system is for the schedule! I would love to have Summers off.

Enjoy it girl!

Fire Wife said...

Very cute!