Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Favorites

Is it just me or does fall clothing make you excited? I love everything about the fall-from pumpkin spice lattes to going to the apple farm, but nothing makes me happier then throwing on a cozy sweater. We are still in the upper 80's/90's here so I haven't got to enjoy that feeling yet. So until then I will leave you with some of my fall wants.
Loving this ruffle coat from Express

But I also love the military style fromvPiperlime

I LOVE boots! Piperlime

Cashmere turtleneck sweater
 Loving this whole outfit from Jcrew

Thinking of using my Groupon on these from the Gap
Trouvé Roll Sleeve Drape Pocket Cardigan
This would be great for the weekends from Nordstrom


Fire Wife said...

Cute pics! and... you are much more fashionable than I am! Kudos!

Mere said...

I love that Express coat. I am holding out for a coupon to come! So adorable!

Kiki said...

Found my way over here from Mrs. your pics but thought I'd tell you that your local Gap should have a 40% off coupon that you can use this Wednesday if you ask....or I can e mail you one. (I work for them) Also, we are having some deep markdowns on Wednesday which should make your Groupon really go further.

Before retail I was an interpreter for the hearing impaired in funny when I saw that is what you did as well-I'm terribly out of practice!

I'll check back in if that's okay!?

All the best,

Becky said...

Love that coat from Express! I might have to head over there tomorrow. I was planning on saving my Gap Groupon for some early Christmas shopping, but I might have to buy myself something! I love fall too and all of the fashion that comes with it!

LucieP said...

you're so cute & stylish- love it!!