Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bit of History

I think I've said before that our house was built  in 1886. In the 1930's they put an addition on. The only reason we know about the addition is because when we were putting a new front door in we had to open the walls up. You know what they used to insulate wall with back them...newspaper. We have a newspaper from March of 1933! We have had it just lying around and we finally figured out something to do with it. 
{click on the photos to make larger and read!}

We went to IKEA and got some frames to put them in. 

Check out that date- March 13, 1933

A womens suit for only $16.50

Probably my favorite part. The president at this time-Roosevelt! Here they are talking about banks and how people should invest in them. This was only a few years after the Great Depression. 

A dozen cookies for a mer 30 cents!

I am a history nerd and was totally excited about this finding. It makes me wonder what other goodies we may find while we are in this house! 


Fire Wife said...

That's so cool! And I love what you did with them! Awesome!

Brittany said...

Very cool! Love it!

Kiki said...

These are amazing!!! You are so lucky to have just found them, some people pay a good bit for vintage newspapers like this!!! They look awesome framed-great job!!!