Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Traditions

Last weekend we went on our annual trip of picking out our pumpkins and getting some apples. 

I love this picture of my brother and my mom.

We get out picture every year together at the farm. 
I think this just might be my favorite that we've ever taken together. 

Logan and me (can you tell we went on Bengals Sunday? My jersey was in the car)

I always pick the pumpkin that's a little different. This one is gray/green and I love it!
Here are the ones we picked to come home. 

After the pumpkin farm it was off to the apple farm. It was pretty chilly Sunday morning, so I couldn't wait to get some cider and sit by the fire. 

Andy and Lauren enjoying the fire too! 

David and I drinking some cider. So GOOD!

I'm so lucky to have the family that I have and that we hang out all the time. 
We all look forward to this weekend every year!

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