Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA. Life sometimes gets in the way, you know
A few weekends ago we went up to Chi-town for the Men’s health Urbanathlon. A group of people from my gym went last year and talked about it all year long about how fun it was. When the sign ups came around in June I knew I had to go this year. I got my team together and was ready to take on this challenge.

The Urbanathlon is a race you can either run individually or on a three-man team. I, of course, did the relay. I was the second leg of the race that included a 3 mile run, jumping over Marine hurdles that were over 5 feet tall, going under cargo nets, and climbing across monkey bars. I had a blast, and so did the rest of my team! For our first Urbanathlon we came in at 1:46:46 putting us in 454th overall. Hey, I’ll take it! I am looking forward to next year (I am thinking of running it alone!!).

Chicago is one of my favorite cities for a few reasons-shopping, pizza, & shopping! After the race we headed over to Giordano’s for their famous stuffed pizza. Seriously people, pizza doesn’t get any better than this.

We then went and did our shopping. I found a few cute things but by this time I was so tired. For some reason my body decided to wake up at 430 am on Saturday, and after running the race, going to lunch, and walking around downtown I was just DONE! But I was a trooper and went out Saturday night. At the top of our hotel (The Wit- read my husbands review here), was a bar called The Roof. The view was breathe taking and so was the drink prices ($14! But hey I was in Chicago so why not!). I enjoyed my Punk Rock Runaway(mount gay rum, lemon, Washington apple syrup, candied apple) and took in all the beautiful views.


Before we left my favorite city, I decided to walk down the street to take some pictures and find something for breakfast. I stumbled upon Argo Tea. It was such a next place! They had so many delicious looking drinks and I decided to go with the Mate Late (Yerba Mate, almond, and milk-YUM!) and a pumpkin muffin. If you live in Chicago, NY, or St. Louis you must visit this place! I am sad there isn’t one close to me! 


We had a great weekend and are already looking forward to next year!


Becky said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago!

Mary said...

I love to visit Chicago too. Such good food! My husband went to grad school there and used to frequent Argo tea!

Kiki said...

So awesome that you did this...another blogger, Healthy Ashley, did the run and blogged about it as well....and I even think she was in the same "coffee" shop as you?

The race looked super impressive and I kept wondering how just one person could run the whole thing by themselves.....look at you thinking about it-AWESOME!!!!!!