Friday, January 7, 2011

Fitness Friday

I've decided that on Fridays I will blog about my favorite workouts, health recipes, and all things fitness.
Today I will start with a workout. I have all my workouts on notebook paper so I thought it would be nice to have them on here. I like learning new workouts so feel free to leave me some of your favorites!

Workout #1 (45 minutes, 2 miles)
.5 mile warm up (my gym has a track where 10 laps=1 mile)

30 squats with medicine ball (you pick the weight, I do 4kg)
30 lunges with MB
30 presses (each arm) with MB
Run 2 laps (2/10ths of a mile)
Repeat set

30 band bicep curls (with resistance band- the thicker the harder)
30 tricep extension with RB (each arm)
30 rear delt flies with RB
Run 2 laps
Repeat set

100 jump rope
50 crunches on Bosu Ballast ball
30 hamstring curls with Bosu Ballast ball
Run 2 laps
Repeat set

Run 3 laps

Repeat all omitting running.

*I Am by no means an expert. This is a workout I enjoy and just wanted to share.

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